The company has achieved an operation level that can be inferred from the sales volume, currently showing a growth tendency.

CARNES SELECTAS 2000 S.A belongs to the Jorge Group, which is a family business in the pork industry. CARNES SELECTAS 2000 S.A is a pig slaughterhouse; the slaughtered animals are piglets, fattening pigs, and breeding sows.

CARNES SELECTAS 2000 S.A is located in Mollerussa, Spain and is part of the Animal Slaughtering and Processing Industry. The Forune Pig SL has over 200 employees at this location.

Focused on placing high-quality products in the market, the company has never refrained from investing in technology and training.

The company now employs more than 200 people. Because of the challenges the company has faced when it comes to recruiting qualified personnel, it has promoted professional training courses in the scope of operational programmes and a learning system under an alternating training regime.


The taste of quality since 1985


Mission ▪ Values ▪ Quality


CARNES SELECTAS 2000 S.A has a general quality policy in place. The foundation of this quality and company success are the crucial engagement of all company employees. With the permanent, standardised product and service quality, this policy focuses on customer satisfaction and company and employee valorisation. To this end, we believe in:

  • Complying with customer requirements, as well as statutory and regulatory requirements;
  • Creating mechanisms that facilitate the communication between customers and the company;
  • Adopting safe practices which are compatible with products for human consumption;
  • Promoting proper training for all employees to increase their motivation;
  • Establishing partnerships with suppliers to strengthen mutual trust;
  • Improving continuously by measuring the effectiveness of certain processes;
  • Minimising our impact on the environment;


CARNES SELECTAS 2000 S.A undertakes to comply with all social responsibilities that concern company employees in order to execute all legal provisions. The company further undertakes not to resort to child labour and not to discriminate based on gender, age, religion, race, disability, nationality, sexual orientation, or political ideologies.

CARNES SELECTAS 2000 S.A’s administration sets goals annually to ensure compliance with the Quality Policy and to promote a continuous improvement within the organisation.


Focused on placing high-quality products in the market, CARNES SELECTAS 2000 S.A has never refrained from investing in technology and training.

CARNES SELECTAS 2000 S.A focuses on implementing good Environmental Management practices: the company’s project included a wastewater treatment plant and a by-product utilisation plant, which transforms most industrial plant residues in products for animal feeding (meat, bones and lard powdered for animal feed).

With high-end technology and a Quality Management System in place, the company is perfectly integrated in the Spanish market and its production and trade concerns mostly fresh meat, frozen meat, and transformed products.